The shooting for me

When a friend told me he had a big surprise for me, I was quite shocked. Because in the last four years we`ve been dating, a friend hasn`t done a surprise on Me at all. I had absolutely no idea what it could be. Because for the past six months, my boyfriend and I have been fighting all the time, so I didn`t really know what to expect from a friend. My first thought might still be that a friend was going to propose. That maybe you and I would have a wedding, only then I dismissed it because a friend wanted to go work abroad afterwards, while I wanted to stay here with us in the Czech Republic.

The gun is interesting.

So, I actually assumed that maybe in two or three years, maybe we`d break up. So why would we have a wedding then? I was quite surprised when my boyfriend told me he had an adrenaline rush for me. He said I already had about a year ago about him, so a friend wanted to surprise me by making my dream come true. And I kept thinking, it could be. And, yes, he`s right that I wanted to swim with dolphins then, too, or shoot a gun. But I never thought my boyfriend would just fulfil that dream of trying to shoot a gun at dummies and targets. I was surprised when a friend told me we were going to Prague to shoot Prague.

The shooting is difficult.

I couldn`t even believe it. I`ll be in the in the shooting range! And at first, I thought my boyfriend was making fun of me, and he was just going there to do whatever business he needed to do. But we really went to Shooting Prague so I could shoot. The professionals told me what short and long guns meant, and they also showed me how to properly hold a gun and how to use it. Because guns are really heavy. I never knew a gun was so heavy in the hand. So then when I wanted to shoot targets, I only hit four shots out of 20 it`s kind of a shame, but it`s pretty great for a beginner. I really enjoy shooting, and I think I`ll go there at least twice more. It`s great.